The Girl From the Sea

The Girl From the Sea is a story about Morgan. She wants to escape the island that she calls home and leave behind her family and friends who don’t quite understand her. She holds many secrets and the biggest one is that she wants to kiss another girl. One night when Morgan is saved from drowning by a girl named Keltie things start to change. Morgan and Keltie start to fall in love and slowly their secrets come to the surface and ready or not, their lives will change.

The Girl From the Sea was a whirlwind of emotions for me. To feel the weight of Morgan being trapped where she felt she wasn’t able to be herself to the unbelievable highs of being exactly where she wanted to be. Morgan slowly falling in love with Keltie over the story was beautiful and the feeling of acceptance was about as good as it gets. Their story had some moments that were heartbreaking but when I reached the end of the story I felt a sense of relief and sadness for how it ended. It may be targeted at a younger audience but I can see myself reading this book over and over in the many years to come.

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