Local Author Policy

Local Author Policy

Turns & Tales is pleased to showcase the works of local authors in our region. To have your book promoted online or in store, please review the following policy.

General Policies

  • To be considered for our Local Showcase, you must reside in Chatham-Kent or an adjoining county.
  • Whether it’s available as an ebook or hard copy, your book should be professionally edited, be properly formatted, and have a professional-looking cover.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee if, or when your book will be selected for promotion.
  • Please understand as well that, because we must dedicate our attention to selling books to customers, our staff are not available to discuss why your book might not have been selected, when your book might be displayed, what the current sales numbers are, etc.
  • We will promote ebooks available on Kobo, and hard copy books in store. We will not promote ebooks on any other retail outlet.
  • If your hard copy book is selected, please note that we will display it on a consignment basis.
  • The selection of a published title for our general inventory is independent of selection for the Local Showcase. From time to time we may display general inventory titles by local authors in our Local Showcase.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are indie published, please note we can’t obtain your books from Amazon. They’re a retailer, not a wholesaler or distributor. Your best bet is to order author copies from them and then we can consider them on consignment. Or, you can look at using IngramSpark as a paperback distributor. If you are traditionally published, please let us know your contact at the publishing house so we can reach out for an order.
  • We’d really, really, really appreciate it if you’d call ahead or pick a Monday or Tuesday to come talk to us (after you read the rest of this page and fill out the form, of course!). We love local authors, but we also get busy with customers especially toward the weekend, so it helps us to help you if you come in at a slower time. 

How to Be Showcased

  • If your book is available on Kobo, please email a link to the book to customerservice [at] turnsandtales.com for consideration. If it is accepted for promotion, we will add it to a queue of social media posts, and we may select it for our review series of blog posts.
  • To have your hard copy book considered, bring in a filled-in copy of this form and no more than five copies of the title (we have very limited storage) you wish to have us consider. Don’t worry – if we run out of your book during your display period we will contact you for additional copies. 
  • If we elect not to display your work, we will contact you to pick up your books. Again, due to limitations on staff time, we cannot discuss decisions on individual titles with authors.
  • We will select a number of authors and titles each month to feature in our local Showcase. If your title is selected, it will be displayed for at least 60 days. We will attempt to let you know when your book is on display, and we encourage you to let your friends and family know the month your book is being displayed.
  • Once your display or consideration period has completed, you must pick up any remaining books as soon as possible. We cannot store any unsold books so your prompt pick up is required.
  • If you have not picked up any unsold books after a period of sixty days, your books may be donated or recycled.
  • We will provide an accounting of your sales when you pick your books up and pay you for any sales via a check. Books are sold on a consignment basis, with a 60/40 split in favour of the author.
  • Books on display are likely to be handled by customers and unsold copied returned to you may therefore be shelf-worn.

This page last updated March 2023.

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