Sisters of Night and Fog

Erika is a new author for me. But I definitely will be keeping her books on my radar from now on. What a brilliant writer!

We are introduced to Virginia in 1926 where she spends her days cavorting and hanging out with her friends in Paris. Very quickly our story jumps to March of 1944 where Virginia has earned the moniker the Limping Lady. She is so called because an accident has caused her to need a prosthetic leg.

Virginia is desperately trying to find one Anton Haas, an informer and the right hand man of Klaus Barbie who is the head of the Gestapo. Klaus is also known as the man who slaughtered many in Brittany. However, her wish to find Klaus is personal. Virginia is also kept on a short leash by one who never contacts her but filters jobs and wishes to Virginia.

One day Virginia frees thousands of Jewish children from certain death and sends them to France to save their lives.

She also spearheads the air drops that supply food, weapons and medicine to many areas that are in desperate need of help.

The characters in this book are based on real women and I guarantee you will want to learn more about them as you read.

Pick this up in store today!

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