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Mrs. Poe

Given my fascination with history and Poe I obviously was not going to pass up a chance to read about Poe, his wife, his mistress and the friendship the latter two began. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary. Arguably one of Poe’s best literary works, the Raven, begins Mrs. Poe, a novel by Lynn …

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Most people know this book by horror writer extraordinaire Stephen King. Young Georgie chases his boat down the street and into the maws of Pennywise. Georgie knows he shouldn’t talk to people who are not known to him, but something draws him into Pennywise’s trap. Georgie is eventually killed by Pennywise leaving the community shattered. Months after Georgie’s …

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Blubber is the story of a girl who must decide whether to follow the crowd or not. We begin in a town in Pennsylvania where our storyteller is Jill Brenner. She is in the fifth Grade and is part of a clique that includes the most popular girl in the class named Wendy. Wendy and …

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