Boards for the bored

What to do during a lockdown?

We suggest you try a game. A board game. To stop you from getting bored.

Our selection criteria:

Playable for as few as two people (great for those whose social group has narrowed due to pandemic restrictions)

Average length of game under an hour. For those who still have lots of other things to do.

Game selected: Exploding Kittens.

Overall rating….surprisingly fun!

Not really a game of skill, although there are some elements of strategy. The box the game comes in rates it for ages 17 and up. I think many under 17-year-olds would be good (challenging) players. The box we tried at Turns & Tales rates this version of game as NSFW and containing explicit content. One of the advantages of our store is that you can look at the cards and decide if their content is not appropriate for some or all of the people with whom you plan to play. We also have the classic version available.

There is an online video explaining how to play the game and also an instruction pamphlet for those who don’t have computer access. You can also watch a sample round of the game. If you would like to read the instructions before coming into the store you can read them online.

For those with limited access to computers we played the game using only the instructions included in the box.

Bottom line…..this is a game that is easy to explain, is flexible in the number of people who can play, doesn’t require a lot of space or time to set up and can be played anytime.

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