The Way of Kings

This is a hefty book. Well over 1000 pages. But it’s so well written that the pages almost turn themselves.

I realised, as I read this, that I was losing track of time and place. I was often whisked away to the world that Brandon created while I was reading this which is one of the things I love most about reading Fantasy.

There is some world building that people may find slow at the beginning but I promise that you won’t regret the slow start as it picks up with a bang.

The story is told from several people’s points of view. All the people in the book lead lives separate from each other though it feels as if they are, indeed, connected in tiny ways.

A man, outcast by his people, sent to assassinate a king. However, the King is protected by a group of people known as the Parshendi.

A young man brought up to hate nobles of a different race. Trained as a surgeon he becomes a soldier to protect his young brother. When he fails in that quest, he trains hard to protect others in his party.

A young light eyed girl who travels from a distance to save her father’s lands who petitions a noble woman to be her ward. Simply to steal something important for her family.

Highstorms, spren (like little faeries) are plenty. There are moss-spren, rain-spren, tear-spren…and one little spren that befriends one of our main characters and follows them on their adventures.

I hadn’t finished the first half of the first book when I ordered the second and third in the series.

Brandon Sanderson is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors and I have sought out many of his other works.

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