Mama’s Going to Buy You a Mockingbird

I read this when I was 14. At the cottage in one day.

Jeremy is not happy. Summer’s only begun but it’s already ruined. His friend is gone and he’s stuck with his Aunt Margery and his little sister, away from home, as his Dad is having an operation.

When Jeremy’s family is finally reunited, he discovers that his father has cancer and will never get better. In just a few short minutes, Jeremy’s life is forever altered. 

Jeremy’s mother is completely consumed by preparing herself for her husband’s death while struggling to be there for her children. Allowing them time to grieve is on the back burner, as she herself can not stop to think about what will happen once her husband is gone. 

Then, one day, Jeremy meets Tess. Tess is a young girl who has also experienced the loss of a loved one. He finds in her a person who knows exactly what he is going through and their friendship grows over the summer. 

When Jeremy’s father passes away he finds a gift that was left to him by his beloved father. 

Written by Jean Little, who is a Canadian author, this is a beautiful story that showcases both grief and the love that one can find in a friendship. This is a YA novel, but it is definitely worth picking up for anyone who has experienced loss and the journey we take as we travel through grief.

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