The Eyes of the Dragon

I was given this book for Christmas when I was 12. My interest in Stephen King had been waning and I think my older brother sensed that. This rekindled my love for all things King.

The Eyes of the Dragon is not horror but Fantasy. This was one of King’s first works of Fantasy.

The Eyes of the Dragon takes place in Delain, which is located in the world King would later create in the Dark Tower series. The story is told from the point of an anonymous narrator who frequently inserts opinions or other anecdotes into the story as they weave us the tale of The Eyes of the Dragon.

We begin with a nefarious magician named Flagg who is trying to destroy the Kingdom of Delain by any means necessary. The King of Delain, Roland, is very trusting, and steadfastly refuses to believe Flagg is anything but trustworthy. However, the Queen of Delain, Sasha, senses that Flagg is up to no good and ruins his plans. This enrages Flagg but he realizes that he must bide his time before planning anything else.

Sasha soon discovers she is pregnant, and then gives birth to a son who is named Peter. Peter will eventually be King of Delain. He is wise and good like his mother. Soon Flagg realizes that if Peter is allowed to become King, he will no longer enjoy a position of favour in Roland’s court.

As Sasha gives birth to another son, she is gravely injured and passes away. Of course now Peter is in immediate danger as well. As his mother is not available to protect him. Flagg soon begins his abandoned plan to remove Peter from his Kingdom.

As is custom in Delain, when Peter reaches his teen years, he begins bringing a glass of wine to his father each evening. Flagg seizes this opportunity and begins poisoning Roland’s wine each night. Meanwhile, Thomas, the younger son, is watching this from the glass eyes of a dragon mounted on Roland’s bedroom wall. Though Thomas, sees what Flagg is doing he tells no one and watches as his brother unwittingly brings his father closer and closer to demise.

Peter is tried and convicted and locked away. Which gives Thomas the Kingdom and in turn, allows Flagg unfettered access to the Kingdom as Thomas has no interest in ruling.

Complete with some very strange requests from our dweller in the Tower, and a stunning conclusion, that proves sometimes all hope is not lost, this was a brilliant read and one I recommend many times.

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