The Diamond Eye

That I threw this will come as no surprise to those who regularly read our blog. The Diamond Eye is by my wonderful friend Kate Quinn

Kate is a master story teller. Her research is second to none. Her characters jump out of the pages to greet you…and she, with no mercy whatsoever, tells a beautiful story while simultaneously making you want to scream in pure frustration.

In the Diamond Eye, Kate tells the story of Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Who would march herself into infamy for many reasons

Mila becomes a mother at 15 years old. Six years later, amid an impending divorce and raising her young son, Alexi, on her own, she discovers she is quite brilliant with a rifle. When Russia is invaded, her skill with that rifle is called upon and she marches herself into war.

She slowly changes from a girl who studied hard to complete her dissertation to a sniper. Eventually earning the name Lady Death for her accuracy and death count. When news of her reaches America she finds herself quickly thrust into heroine status which she is neither prepared for nor desires. Mila is paraded around on a tour of America as a goodwill ambassador. Torn from the fields of battle she is not equipped for her quickly growing fame. She is unhappy and doesn’t quite fit in.

Lost amongst the glitter of Washington, Mila soon gains the trust of Lady Roosevelt which then leads to a friendship and possible relationship with another famous sniper.

Soon, however, a ghost from Mila’s past joins forces with someone lurking in the shadows, which threatens to bring down the woman known as Lady Death.

Based on true life characters, Kate weaves both truth and fiction into a brilliant blanket that surrounds you as you read. You will throw it and I bet I know exactly where you will.

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