Progress Update

It’s been a long, hard year, and many of you are anxious to know what’s happening with our venue. Is it still happening? How long until opening?

We’re happy to say that yes, indeed, this is definitely still happening. The pandemic certainly hasn’t been making it easy. Between the uncertainties associated with lockdowns, having to homeschool again, and materials shortages, it’s been challenging. And our buildout budget is a distant, bittersweet memory…

Nevertheless, we’ve been working flat out to get the site builldout complete. We are happy to report that HVAC is in, wiring and plumbing are in, walls are formed in, and drywall is about 80% complete. Next up: millwork and kitchen install, flooring, and painting. We have our initial bookstore inventory mostly selected, and paint and decor all picked out.

What does this mean for timelines? We hesitate to predict, because — gestures broadly at everything — but we’re probably looking at about 6-8 weeks before a soft opening. At some point before then, we’ll be posting a couple of managerial positions here, so if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our newsletter (the form can be found in the sidebar of this post), so you don’t miss those openings.

Meanwhile, several of you have very kindly asked if we’re taking donations of board games for the game library. The answer is yes! We’d love to rehome your old favourites. Please reach out to Chandra’s email (, or connect with us in our Facebook Group.

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