From a Buick 8

From a Buick 8 is by horror writer extraordinaire Stephen King. It takes place in Western Pennsylvania and is his second novel featuring a haunted car. His first, is of course, Christine.

Our narrator is Sandy, a police chief of a detachment that encompasses the Pennsylvania police department. The story is actually various recollections from many police officers of this particular detachment. These recollections are told to Ned, the son of a well liked police officer. Ned’s father was killed by a drunk driver. As Ned visits the department where his father worked, various officers share their time with him as they tell him the story of “Buick 8”

The car is only a car in name. While it resembles a Buick Roadmaster, it has no working parts, the steering wheel can not be moved and the car appears to be able to repel dirt and fix itself when it breaks down. Members of the police force discovered the car abandoned by its driver. It’s been in storage since its discovery at a gas station.

While listening to the stories the police officers tell him, Ned becomes convinced that the car is responsible for his father’s death and not the drunk driver he was led to believe. Through a series of events Ned soon discovers that the man who discovered the abandoned car was actually the person who killed his father. Sandy is worried about Ned’s ventures and cautions him about meddling where he should not meddle and the consequences that meddling might have for him and his well-being.

Because Ned doesn’t listen and meddles in things he should not, he decides to try and destroy the car. As Sandy realizes what’s happening he rushes to the place where the car is stored just in time to see a portal to another world open up.

I was drawn into this pretty quickly which surprised me. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. Order this in store!!

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