Clue – The card game

Clue is a mystery game where the host of a house party is murdered. It’s up to you to figure out who did it, where and what weapon they chose to finish the act. These three cards are secret to all as you take turns mixing and matching people, places and weapons until you are confident enough to make an accusation. Once an accusation is made you alone look at the three cards that have been hidden and if you’re right you win, if you’re wrong the game continues with the other players.

Clue is a well known game and now there’s a card game. The card game works in a similar fashion but only uses cards. No tiny pieces to lose and no giant board to play with. This is perfect for when you’re travelling or in more of a confined space where you don’t have much room to set up an entire board. The first round is a really good time to get to know the game and how it’s played and get used to just using cards. Once you play for a bit the game becomes really simple and really fun. If you can play clues you can play the card game. As a bonus no paper is required. Everything is done with the cards that you are given when you start playing.

In my experience the game is super entertaining. There’s still all the fun of clue but it’s now really easy to take on family vacations so I can have fun travelling and playing one of my favourite mystery games. The first time I played was a little hectic trying to learn how to use just the cards but once I picked it up it felt natural to play that way. It’s a great game to play with my family and we’ve always had a blast with it for family game night. Playing clue just got easier.

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