In praise of WHICH older(er) books?

Earlier, I wrote:

Starting next week Turns & Tales will post a write-up of a book or short story that has been adapted to film or TV in an easily accessible form and whose original book/short story in available in e-book and/or audiobook form through one of our affiliates. We hope you enjoy this series as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

and now I have a question for our readers…..Do you think that I should include Homer’s “The Iliad” in my list of books that have been adapted to movies/TV shows?

The most recent easily accessible movie adaptation is Troy, currently on Netflix. The Iliad is available with a choice of translators from our affiliates. Kobo offers multiple translations in ebook and audiobook form. offers a choice of four different narrators for the audiobook version of The Iliad.

Maggie Young

Photo by Ana Municio on Unsplash

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