Carla Cummins


Oh, look! Carla’s writing a review on another Brandon Sanderson book, what a shock! Mistborn is in an interesting category. Part of a trilogy in two parts, each part containing three books, it’s part of Brandon’s Cosmere world and introduces a different kind of magic. Before we begin our journey. We visit the planet Scadriel

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The Great Alone

The Great Alone is by Kristin Hannah…it can be considered semi-autobiographical as she has said that some of the events in the book were inspired by her own family’s move and struggles in Alaska. Ernt Allbright has returned home from the Vietnam war a very different man. Volatile, unpredictable and increasingly erratic behaviours concern his

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Though this is marketed as Fantasy, it is, in actuality, a Historical Fiction novel. Though I have long said there should be a historical fantasy genre in which this would fit perfectly. Babel is set in 1830’s England. Or, rather, an alternative reality of 1830’s England. The currency of this alternate reality is magical silver

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