World Without End

World Without End by Ken Follet is the sequel to Pillars of The Earth.

Set in the same fictional town of Kingsbridge, this takes place 157 years after the events in Pillars of the Earth. 

Ken expertly weaves both the 100 years war and the Black Death into World without End as the descendants of the original story struggle to survive in an often brutal world. 

In 1327, four children venture off into the woods to celebrate All Hallow’s Day. While playing in the woods, the children witness a murder. The culprit, Sir Thomas Langley and aided by one of the children, claims the murder was in self defense. After witnessing the brutal murder, three of the children run away. The fourth child, Merthin, stays behind to help the gravely wounded Sir Thomas.

Thomas gives Merthin a letter and instructs him to bury it and only dig it up should Sir Thomas die. Thomas then asks for refuge in the nearby town of Kingsbridge and spends the rest of his life as a Benedictine Monk.

Meanwhile, during the All Hallow’s mass, Gwenda a young girl, is forced by her father to steal money from Merthin’s and Ralph’s father. This was money that Sir Gerald owed to the Priory. When his default is discovered he loses his lands and his home. Because he no longer can afford his children they must find their own way. Determined to fix the misdeeds wrought upon their family Ralph becomes a squire and Merthin a carpenter.

Our young thief Gwenda is sold for a cow by her father and must then learn to survive in a camp where women are treated as slaves. 

Meanwhile, we meet many other interesting characters that intertwine daily in the lives of this fictional town of Kingsbridge. If you love history especially the era of the Hundred Years war and the Black Death, this is definitely the story for you. You can find this book in our store.

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