The Witch Boy

Thirteen year old Aster comes from a world of magic and shapeshifters. The boys in the family grow up to be shapeshifters and the girls learn to become witches. That’s the line that is not to be crossed but Aster has yet to shift and is fascinated by all things witchy. When danger threatens the shifters of the family Aster wants to help, as a witch. Once he makes a non magical friend, Charlie, he is encouraged to follow his magical path and show courage to help his family. All to truly be himself.

The Witch Boy was a really fun story for me and I honestly didn’t expect the hidden meanings that this graphic novel had to offer. I immediately fell in love with the Aster character and felt the disconnect he has from his family for wanting to do something out of the ordinary. I love how Ostertag took a seemingly normal story and made a connection to the real world about how people live in the roles they’ve been given instead of truly being themselves. It’s a truly moving graphic novel and I loved every second of it. Not only did I experience a wonderful story I got to experience the art that went along with it. Ostertag can tell a story through the art that litters each page and I will forever love her art style. Truly a worthy read in my opinion.

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