The Wise Man’s Fear

The Wise Man’s Fear is the sequel to The Name of the Wind. It’s again told from the point of view of Kvothe as he recounts his story to the infamous Chronicler who has discovered that Kvothe may be the one known as The Kingkiller.

We begin, as we did in The Name of the Wind, at the Inn that Kvothe manages with his friend Bast. Kvothe starts our second day with an admission of a long brewing feud between him and another student named Ambrose. Eventually, Ambrose calls charges against Kvothe which include invoking Demonic powers by being able to harness the power of the Wind. In this University, the better you are, the less your tuition is at the end of term. Because of his charges, Kvothe’s tuition is beyond his means so he takes a term off. Kvothe had previously taken a loan out from what we’d call a loan shark and, before setting off on his journey, he gives her several of his prized possessions as collateral.

Because of a friendship with a very important Count, Kvothe is given a position in Severen to help a lackluster man (who just happens to be a Maershon), woo his soon to be bride. As Kvothe writes poems, sonnets, and songs, he uncovers an assassination plot to murder the Maershon. This earns him the Maer’s respect and admiration. Kvothe also discovers his very best friend, Deanna, living in Severen and is overjoyed to reunite with her once again. However, after a particularly potent argument regarding the lyrics of a song that Deanna is composing, they part ways.

One day, the Maer discovers that there are a group of highwaymen that are waylaying people. He charges Kvothe to take a group of bandits, barely equipped to cover the journey, and stop the bandits from continuing their rampage. On the way through the woods, Kvothe follows a Fae named Felurian into her realm. There he stays for a length of time, as time does not pass regularly when you’re with the Fae. Upon his return, he is flabbergasted to learn that he has only been gone three days. And that most people do not escape Felurian as she eventually causes them to lost all sense of themself.

Eventually Kvothe returns to the University with his tuition covered for life because of his services to the Maershon.

This is an excellent follow up to the Name of the Wind. I found myself being surprised at how time passed in the Fae world.

If you enjoy storylines that keep you guessing, this is definitely the story to read. Pick it up today!

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