The Tale of Hilltop Farm

A MYSTERY?!?!? Carla read a mystery?!?! I did! And it’s really quite adorable. I enjoyed it enough that I will read through the rest in this series soon.

The Tale of Hilltop Farm is by Susan Wittig Albert. It is the first book in the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter. In reading circles and book stores this is called a cozy mystery. There’s little to no violence in this particular book, the writing is entertaining, the mystery is easily solved and there are talking animals which is just awesome.

Our story begins in 1905, in a small village named Sawrey. The villagers are aghast and agog to learn that an out of towner has bought a farm in Sawrey. Not only an out of towner but a female out of towner. This is unheard of in the early 1900’s. Women didn’t do things like that.

Most of the locals are curious about Ms. Potter. Most are friendly and attempt to find out more about their new neighbour. But there are a few people who are openly disdainful of Beatrix, especially the people who are tenants in the farm she just bought.

Beatrix is still reeling from her fiancee’s death. Her parents, overbearing and loud, are shocked when she decides to buy property to get away from them. She hopes to find healing and solace in the land and the people of Sawrey. She is convinced that she will be able to win them all over with her stories of animals and their lives.

But, one day, an elderly village is found dead. And suspicions are risen about almost every villager in Sawrey. Beatrix soon finds out that the little village she has chosen to call home is not as quiet and peaceful as she believes it is.

Written in the style of Beatrix with talking animals and some hilarity, this is a fun little book that was easy to read.

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