The Priory of the Orange Tree

800 PAGES!?!?! YEP! 800 pages. But you’ll be so busy reading that you won’t even notice the length. This is a brilliantly written book that deviates from the “man must have an heir” stories that are so common.

Sabran the Ninth must conceive a daughter in order for her throne and kingdom to be safe. Not only is she not married, she has assassin’s hot on her heels. This would complicate matters if not for Ead Duryan. Sabran’s guardian. Ead is a mage. Part of an order that uses dark magic to protect their charges.

Meanwhile, in the country across the sea, a young girl named Tane is training to be a dragon rider. One of the most prestigious positions one can have.

Tane must make decisions that will potentially change the lives of many people around her.

Meanwhile there are other forces at work that threaten to tear at the fabric of this fabulous mystical world. Reserve your copy today.

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