The Language of Thorns

Set in the Grishaverse, The Language of Thorns follows six stories that are wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated. A young adult fantasy twist on familiar tales that give them new life. The book follows along with talking beasts and a mermaid’s voice that can command deadly storms. Along with a boy who can control a river and gingerbread golems. All following a theme of dangerous magic and dark revelations. “Love speaks in flowers. Truth requires thorns.”- Leigh Bardugo

The Language of Thorns pulls you in like no other book I’ve read. The illustrations alone are worth the read as they continue to decorate the border throughout the book and add to the story. In the short span of just under 300 pages Leigh Bardugo managed to captivate me with her storytelling abilities. She pulled inspiration from myth, folklore and fairytales and created stories that I will never forget. The way I felt attached to the characters and could imagine the whirlwind of emotions in each story. My personal favourite was Ayama and the Thorn Wood. I got the feeling of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast all wrapped in one with a touch of darkness that worked well with the style. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the border art told the story just as much as what was written. I will constantly go back to this book to re-read and enjoy the stories once more.

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