The Great Alone

The Great Alone is by Kristin Hannah…it can be considered semi-autobiographical as she has said that some of the events in the book were inspired by her own family’s move and struggles in Alaska.

Ernt Allbright has returned home from the Vietnam war a very different man. Volatile, unpredictable and increasingly erratic behaviours concern his family. He loses several jobs because of his behaviour and inability to control his temper. One day, after yet another job loss, he packs his family up and moves them to the Alaskan Wildnerness. He hopes they will live off-grid and use what resources can be found around them to live undetected and, for him, happy.

His wife, Cora, is a quiet, mousy woman, who despite her husband’s volatile behaviour and their often poor relationship, will do anything she can for the man she loves. Caught in the middle of this is their daughter, one thirteen year old name Leni. Leni goes along, not only because she has no choice, but hoping that this change will bring new life into her relationship with her parents and their relationship with each other. Above all, she hopes that the father that is current slowly ebbs away into the father that was.

In the remotest corner of Alaska, they find a thriving community of men and women who have been living off grid for years. Self-sustaining themselves through the long winter nights and rarely needing help from outside sources. This community of people help our newcomer’s realize how woefully unprepared they really are and come together to show them how to use the resources of the land around them to their benefit.

But, as the long days slowly ebb into 24hour darkness, Ernt’s mental state decays further and further and both Cora and Leni are forced to make decisions neither one is prepared to make.

This kept me up well past a respectable time. Order in store today!

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