That Scatterbrain Booky

This is a classic story based in Toronto in 1933. The Great Depression has hit most places hard. And the East end of Toronto Ontario is no exception. Booky’s family is struggling to make ends meet. Booky’s father can’t find work which means they are at threat of losing their home. During this time they discover that Booky’s mom is expecting another baby which adds to the family’s stress about money. There is constant fighting in the home because of money stress and to top it all off, Booky’s brother, Arthur is really annoying. 

But there is happiness even in that bleak world. Games with her friends, butter and sugar sandwiches (which aren’t really bad, I experimented one day at the cottage after reading this book) riding the streetcar to visit her Aunt and even the moving pictures.

There is optimism in Booky’s eyes that things will get better and her family will once again be happy, there will be laughter again, and there will no longer be struggle in her world. 

This was one of those close your eyes and I can see it books for me. Especially because I am such an avid history lover. For me, this story highlighted the struggles family’s went through but also the love your family provides in the hardest of times.

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