Teen Titans: Raven

Tragedy strikes Raven Roth when a car accident takes the life of her foster mom and her own memory. Raven remembers the simplicities of everyday life, like maths equations, but she can’t remember who she was. When impossible things start to happen to Raven she wonders if she really wants to know who she was. When she starts to make new friends and unbreakable bonds Raven decides to learn who she was. To find the darkness buried within her.

At first, when I picked up this book, I was prepared for a retelling of Teen Titans that I wouldn’t enjoy and would just waste my time. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The story of Raven is one of my favourites and I love how the backstory gave her life and added to the story instead of detracting. In the story Raven is a normal teen girl, until she’s not. The way her powers came about and the journey she goes on in a singular graphic novel is amazing. The emotions felt real and I was a hundred percent committed to this book from start to finish. Definitely worth the read, especially if Raven is also your favourite amongst the DC universe.

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