Paris Deception

Brynn Turnbull is not only one of my favourite people but one of my favourite authors. The Paris Deception is another brilliant novel from Brynn that lovers of Kate Quinn, Stephanie Dray, and Sophie Perinot will enjoy.

Sophie has escaped Stuttgardt with her brother in tow, just as the Nazi regime took power in their home country of Germany. But now, her brother is gone and Paris in shambles Sophie is at a crossroads. With no family and no place to call home, she is lost and unsure of what to do next. When she is asked to take a position at the Jeu de Paume Museum restoring art, she accepts the job but not with enthusiasm.

She soon discovers that the museum is a front and what it really is is a place to keep art that has been looted from Jewish families who have gone into hiding or who have been captured by Hitler’s regime.

Meanwhile, Fabienne was a rising star during the height of the Bohemian arts in Paris, until Hitler’s regime put a stop to the arts claiming that they are only for those practicing scandalous behaviour. Fabienne is mourning her lost career, and her lost friends, but, most of all her husband who was the love of her life. She desolately wanders through life wondering if there will be happiness in it again. Mourning for what could have been, she suddenly comes face to face with Sophie, her sister in law. In Sophie’s hand is a painting that she claims is stolen.

As they reconnect and share horror stories of each experience, share tears over their losses, and mourn their past lives, they bond and together work out a plan to save the paintings that Sophie has been restoring.

This is a firecracker of a novel that speaks to friendship, bonds of families, and the righting of so many wrongs for so many innocent people.

Pick it up in store today.

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