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Mistborn is in an interesting category. Part of a trilogy in two parts, each part containing three books, it’s part of Brandon’s Cosmere world and introduces a different kind of magic.

Before we begin our journey. We visit the planet Scadriel which has been threatened for years by something known simply as the “deepness”. No one really knows what the deepness is however philosophers from Scadriel have long predicted a hero of ages that would save the planet from the Deepness using the magical Well of Ascension.

That hero arrives and travels through the mountains with the help of a packman named Rashek. As Rashek and the Hero of Ages travel together, he keeps a logbook that details their journey together. These entries are at the beginning of each Chapter of Mistborn, like an epitaph to the arduous travels Rashek and the Hero went through.

When our hero, reaches the Well, Rashek suddenly betrays him. Rashek then takes on the Hero’s identity to become an extremely skilled Feruchemist and Allomancer. Rising to Lord Ruler, Rashek then initaites the Final Empire…having all of Scadriel at his beck and call.

So begins the events in Mistborn….

For centuries Rashek has subjugated the skaa people and risen others to various points of nobility. Since Rashek’s rise Scadriel has been plagued by nightly mists that enveloped the entire continent. In addition to this, the land is dry and arid so no crops or other flora can flourish.

We meet Kelsier who is part skaa and part nobility thanks to his father’s parentage, Kelsier is also a former thief. During a routine souvenir hunt, his wife, Mare, betrays him. Kelsier is then sent to the caves to mine a certain type of Geode. However these Geodes are extremely popular with people as they are one of the most sought after allomantic metals. Mare is killed during one of these mining episodes and Kelsier comes into his full powers after he snaps from grief. He discovers he is able to channel all the allomantic powers.

Kelsier escapes the pits and returns to Scadriel gathering a band of cutthroats along the way to attempt to overthrow the Lord ruler.

With a host of twists and turns that are Brandon’s brand of story telling, this is a book that won’t soon leave me.

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