Leviathan Wakes

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I am not a SciFi reader normally. But I took the advice of a very wise person and jumped into this series. Now I don’t know whether to thank the person or punch them in the nose as I am completely hooked. 

Leviathan Wakes is the first book in the Expanse series, which spans nine novels, by James. S.A. Corey. 

Humans have finally tackled space. Mars, the moon, and other planets have all been colonized. Though we can’t yet reach the stars. 

James Holden runs a small ice mining ship that travels between planets carting precious ice to the mining colonies on the outer planets. One day they discover a ship, called the Scopuli, it is in derelict condition and seems to have had an extreme accident on it. 

Holden’s crew is then thrust into the same cat and mouse game the Scopuli was going through before it met its fate. 

Meanwhile there is a search for a girl whose parents are desperate to find her. Detective Miller realizes the missing girl was once on the Scopuli and teams up with Holden to outwit and outman those wishing to stop them from find out the truth. Both about the Scopuli and the missing girl. 

A fantastic read that gave me pause more than once as I forgot I was in my living room and not flying in space on derelict space ship. You can grab the first book in this series here.

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