Most people know this book by horror writer extraordinaire Stephen King.

Young Georgie chases his boat down the street and into the maws of Pennywise. Georgie knows he shouldn’t talk to people who are not known to him, but something draws him into Pennywise’s trap. Georgie is eventually killed by Pennywise leaving the community shattered.

Months after Georgie’s disappearance a young boy is harassed by bullies from his school and makes his escape into an area known only as “the barrens”.  The young boy runs headlong into Georgie’s older brother. The eventually form a group with some other kids that don’t quite fit in.  They call themselves the losers.  As the summer wears on, each person in the group of friends encounters Pennywise in various forms. Each a frightening manifestation of something they worry about or fear in their 
real lives.

Eventually, the loser’s club banishes Pennywise, after performing a difficult ritual.

Years after the group thought they destroyed the horrific creature; children begin to disappear again. The adult friends now must return to try and fight Pennywise one more time.

I read this with all the lights off, at the age of 13. I inadvertently locked my sister out of the house, she tried in vain to get me to let 
her in, but I was so engrossed in the book, I didn’t hear her knocking. But my neighbours heard me scream my 13 year old head off when she broke into the house, via the sunroom window, after her knocks went unanswered.

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