Dragonbone Chair

By author Tad Williams, this book made me cry more than once. The prose is brilliant, heart-rending, and often carries you away to the magical country of Osten Ard. Another series in which I hadn’t finished the first book and was already ordering the rest in the series.

Simon is a kitchen boy. He lives in castle Hayholt where he muddles his way through life and duties. He finds the tasks and routines of castle life boring and mundane. However, one day, much to Simon’s happiness he becomes the apprentice to Dr. Morgenes who is the castle’s healer and wizard. Not knowing how to read and write presents a problem to an apprentice of a doctor so, Simon begins the herculean task of learning both tasks.

One day, the elderly King John passes away. King John’s son, Elias, takes his place on the throne however, Elias has been linked with a cleric named Pyrates. Pyrates is considered an evil doer and will do anything he can to further his agenda. One day, Elias’ brother, Josua, disappears. While in the background the new King is beginning hear rumbles of discontent from his citizens. Desperate to maintain control over the kingdom, Elias forms a pact with an evil Sithi ruler who also just happens to be undead.

Meanwhile, Simon accidentally discovers that Josua is being held prisoner in the Hayholt’s dungeons. He confides this news to Morgenes who then hatches a plot to free Josua from his brother’s grasp. Their hatched plan works and Josua flees the castle, but, hot on the heels of Morgenes and Simon are the guards employed by Pyrates. Morgenes is killed by dark magic which leaves Simon alone wandering the tunnels underneath the Hayholt, evenutally Simon finds his way out of the labyrinthian tunnels and is left mourning his mentor. He witnesses a magic ritual involving Pyrates, Elias and several strange creatures in a glade .

Horrified he begins the arduous journey towards Naglimund which is the seat of King Josua. Along the way he befriends several people who help him on the journey towards King Josua.

Eventually he finds Josua, tells him what’s happening back in the Hayholt. Josua, Simon and their new friends barely escape with their lives in a conclusion that is hair raising and actually made me throw the book.

Within this book is a quote that applies to all of us who have ever loved a book or a story ” books…books are magic That is the simple answer. Books are a form of magic because they span time and distance more surely than any spell or charm. A book is the only magic that keeps its captive, knowledge, alive forever” This took my breath away.

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