Dragon Springs Road

Dragon Springs Road is Janie’s second novel and a Canadian best seller. 

We begin at the turn of the twentieth century in Shanghai, where we meet a young girl named Jialing.  When she is seven years old Jialing’s mother leaves her young daughter to fend for herself. 

Jialing is forced into servitude at the estate where her mother abandoned her. There, she forms a friendship with the family’s daughter and learns about a spirit that has haunted the estate for many years. Eventually Jialing befriends the spirit who is named Fox. 

No one would blame Jialing for just accepting her fate. A lifetime in servitude to one family never arguing and doing whatever is asked of you whenever you’re asked. No time for imagining, or reading, or just being. Never quite belonging because you’re both unfamiliar and familiar to those around you. 

But Jialing refuses to accept her fate. And instead sets out on a quest to find her mother. To ask why. What happened?  

A story of love, loyalty, survival and hopefulness combined with the character of Fox the spirit made this a fast favourite for me. 

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