Book Review: The Rose Code

The Rose Code by the amazing Kate Quinn is a story of intrigue, espionage, and betrayal.

Three women, all from very different backgrounds; Osla, a debutante who has Prince Philip courting her. Mab, who was born and raised in poverty in London’s East End, and Beth a spinster who is painfully shy and withdrawn are all called into Service at Bletchley Park.

Together these women will forge bonds and alliances as they crack military codes from Germany.

Beth soon becomes one of Bletchley’s few female code breakers. But betrayal is around the corner and their friendship is torn apart.

Several years later, as Prince Philip is to wed the beautiful Elizabeth, the former friends are called together by a mysterious letter that mentions few details other than “you owe me”

At one point I threw the book across the room, both because of the stunning conclusion and a certain part that will tear at your heartstrings. Buy it online for pickup in store.

– Carla

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