Book Review: The Huntress

Another by the mega talented Kate Quinn, the Huntress is a brilliant story with various twists and turns that will leave you guessing until the end.

Nina spends her childhood on the icy barrens of Russia. She is fearless and dreams of one day being a pilot.

One day she risks all to join the all female German Air squad known as the Night Witches (so named because they flew only at night and their planes made no noise as they silently bombed the countryside)

She is soon shot down and becomes the target of the Huntress. A brutal murderer.

Meanwhile, Ian Hunter has abandoned his chosen career to become a Nazi hunter. A person who locates former Nazi war criminals to bring them to justice.

Ian and Nina join forces to bring the Huntress to justice…with a stunning conclusion that made me, one more time, throw a Kate Quinn book across the room. Get your copy today:

– Carla

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