Book Review: Bridge to Terabithia

A book to sit and read with quiet around when one wants to remember childhood friendships made in unlikely places.

Jesse is the only boy in his family. He is a wonderful artist and hopes to become the fastest runner in his class.

He practices hard each day, getting faster and faster as he does.

One day, during a race at school he is finally winning, and then is beaten by a girl named Leslie.

They become fast friends. Together with Prince Terrien (a Lab puppy that Jessie gives Leslie for her birthday) they build a Kingdom known as Terabithia. In order to reach Terabithia they must cross a rotting log each time. Neither are scared as childhood often brings invincibility (or so they think)

One morning Jesse is asked by his art teacher if he’d like to go to an art exhibit in town. Days of rain has turned Terebithia into a muddy mess. The creek that runs beneath the log bridge has turned into a frothy mess of water, so Jess races off with his teacher believing he’ll see Leslie when they get back.

When he returns late in the evening, he is told of an accident involving Leslie and the log they cross to reach Terabithia.

Full of grief, anger, and fear, he runs away.

Read this to relive childhood memories of best friends, tree forts, and simplicity. Buy it today:

– Carla

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