Rhodri Johnson

The Way of Kings

★★★★★ Probably one of the best and longest books I’ve ever read. (Aside from the rest of the series.) Full of extreme plot twists and imaginative storytelling, it tells a deep and well thought out story of betrayal, heartbreak, determination, and grim realizations. If you decide to read this series, you’ll be thrust into this […]

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★★★★ Heartbreaking and tragic, this anarchy filled novel is amazing. Brimming with pain, love, anger, and hate, this book takes a long journey down the emotional lane. The main characters develop thoroughly throughout the book and the entire series. All of the books in the series are available here! 

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★★★★★ Stuffed and jammed with adorable creatures of all kinds, this book is every child’s dream come true, where their stuffies come alive and protect them from the darkness! If your child is a hoarder of stuffies, this book will be perfect for them! (And maybe distract them from the real stuffies inside all the

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★★★★★ Hilarious and humourous, this book is probably the 1st book I would recommend to any fantasy fan. Full of crafty and creative puns, and canned peaches (in light syrup!) This book is a must read, but make sure to learn some Greek alphabet and philosophy first. Want this book? Buy it here!

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