As You Wish

Written after Cary Elwes participated in a reunion to celebrate the classic movie’s 25th Anniversary, this takes the reader on a trip through the making of this cult classic.

Mr. Elwes shares his memories of various cast members, with humour and in some cases sadness as some are no longer with us. 

He tells the story of Andre the Giant who was so large that just one of his hands could often be used as a makeshift hat to keep people warm on the colder days of filming.

He also mentions his troubles in finding just the right inflection for his line “I’m not saying I’d like to build a summer home here” mentioning to Mr. Reiner that they didn’t have summer homes in England given the climate. 

One of my favourite stories is the mention of the actor who played the R.O.U.S. in the Fire Swamp scene being arrested the day before. No one believed that he was in the movie so they kept him incarcerated. Eventually he was able to reach Rob Reiner who had to go and bail the actor out of jail so they could resume filming. 

I will not give away the entirety of the book but it is a must have for fans and newbies alike. Complete with a forward by Rob Reiner and a beautiful poster to treasure this is one of my most treasured books (so much so that I flew from Ontario to California to have Cary sign my book). You can buy your copy here.

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