Antique Anatomy Tarot

This tarot deck is both beautiful and unique. The box is sturdy and a good place to store your cards for safe keeping and as a plus is beautifully designed with foil stamping. The deck includes major and minor arcana along with additional information on the major arcana. The cards are well done with colour and perfect vintage and/or antique images. Along with the cards is a full colour guidebook which is navigated easily and contains a multitude of information needed for your readings.

My personal experience with this deck is amazing. I love the look of the cards and even with them being a little more detailed in some spots on the cards it does not detract from vital information like the arcana but instead adds to those details. The guidebook is all I could ask for and more. When I do a reading I get extra information to make my reading that much more insightful. The cards are made of sturdy material and everything is well protected with the box. It’s definitely worth it to take a look at getting this deck to add to your collection or start a collection that will be forever growing.

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